How to Develop Creative Suggestions for What to Sell on eBay

Everyone who also decides to start an eBay business has to make the all-important decision of what to sell. The vast majority of new sellers immediately jump to the idea of selling the most popular, trendy items in the marketplace. It’s no secret that these top-selling items on eBay must be making a lot of money for someone, somewhere.

But how do you get started? How do you decide which items to sell? There are an incredible number of products obtainable through suppliers, therefore what’s the simplest way to decide? In this article, we’ll talk about how to brainstorm and research the best items to sell on eBay.
Brainstorming: How to Choose Which Products to Sell on eBay

“What should I sell?” It’s a big question that has a lot of answers. What most people really mean is, “What must i sell to help make the most money online?”

It’s frequently a good notion to sell everything you find out or what you’re passionate on the subject of, which explains why we see thus many collectibles sellers, but your interests might not come with large price tags. Here are some good assets for brainstorming what things to sell on eBay:

Magazines are excellent for finding bestselling market products. You can check out publications such as Consumer Reports for the top electronics and gadgets, or look at hobbyist magazines for trending and top-selling products. The best part is, these magazines are already convincing your future customers to buy these products!
The SaleHoo Market Research Lab lets you research products to see if they’re worth offering on eBay, Amazon or else you decide to sell anywhere. You’ll look for a huge range of data that lets you identify upcoming and existing sales trends. Seek out high-selling products predicated on factors such as for example sell-through rate, cost range and the known degree of competition you may expect. Once you’ve found these trends and picked the items to sell, SaleHoo Review helps you find low-cost suppliers and lets you contact them instantly with pre-written templates.
The Amazon Best Sellers list contains a real-time list of recent top-selling items in every category on the marketplace. You’ll need to monitor the site frequently if you want to research trending data, but it’s a good place to start locating the best what to sell on eBay.
Do a Google seek out top present lists to discover lists of top-selling products in practically any category. A few search conditions to start with with are: top presents for men, top presents for women, top presents 2017, Father’s Day presents, best Christmas gifts.
The AliExpress Weekly Bestselling list addresses the top products sold across all categories. Like Amazon, you’ll have to monitor the list on your own to collect any data.
Follow the eBay advanced search feature to find eBay listings that have a high number of items sold. You can refine your search to higher-priced items that will offer a better profit. Look for “New,” “Buy it Now” listings for the best results.

Below, we’ve compiled a listing of some great what to sell on eBay.
20 What to Sell on eBay for 2017
Portable AC Units

Summer’s here and many people are researching to escape heat! These best selling air conditioners are a great item to increase your eBay listings this year.

LG 110V Portable A/C Unit – $259.99
LG 110V Home window A/C Unit – $154.99
Dyson Bladeless Pedestal Enthusiast – $189.99

Toys & Gadgets

Trendy products and inexpensive impulse buys will be a great way for new eBay sellers to get their foot in the door. If you’re thinking about selling something really popular, try finding a niche version of the item, such as branded versions (see the NFL Fidget Spinner below.) Look out for trending items in present list weblog and articles posts for ideas.

Tri Fidget Rainbow Gyro Table Toy – $0.99
NFL Team Logo design Fidget Spinner – $8.99
OxGord Kids Scooter – $22.95

Sneakers & Athletic Gear

Health and fitness lately is a huge trend. Sneakers and various other athletic equipment are something everyone requirements, and can also be a thing that attracts repeat clients once their first set becomes worn out.

Men’s Surroundings Jordan Retro – $160.00
Fila Men’s Memory Training Shoe – $39.99
Suunto Core Military Outdoor Sports Watch – $146.99

Phone Accessories

We don’t recommend investing in a large batch of the latest iPhones to sell on eBay, as these will have tons of competition and you’ll be quickly undersold by other, bigger fish in your pond. Instead, try low-cost components that more customers will be willing to obtain a new, unknown source.

Ultra-Thin Electroplate Hard Back again Case for Samsung Galaxy – $6.96
Ultrathin Portable External Electric battery Charger – $9.99
Iphone 6/6s/7 Case + Tempered Glass Cover – $5.39
Privacy Anti-Spy Display screen Protector – $3.89
Samsung 3.5mm Earbud Headset – $2.99

Home & Garden

Household “must-haves” such as bedsheets cover a wide audience that will make marketing your items easier, and general home decor items can be sold year-round so you won’t have to worry about switching out your eBay listings.

Egyptian Comfort and ease 1800 Count Bed Sheet Set – $13.29
Zero Gravity Lounge Patio Chairs – $54.99

Pet Care

Who doesn’t like to spoil their house animals? Cat and dog accessories have an enormous audience, and there are lots of what to sell that won’t have got an excessive amount of competition on eBay. Try these suggestions to get started.

Magic Lint Fluff Brush Pet Hair Remover – $1.21
Cleaning Brush Magic Glove Dog and Cat Groomer – $2.15

Computer Peripherals & Accessories

Again, we don’t recommend trying to sell top name brand computers and laptops right off the bat, but you start with equipment and components that everyone will use is a superb way to really get your feet in the consumer electronics door. Try must-haves such as for example storage and keyboards components, or reusables such as printer ink.

HP #61 2pack Combo Ink Cartridges – $22.99
Seagate 4TB Portable External Hard Drive – $117.49

(Note that all prices listed are average sale prices in USD.)

Now, you may have been expecting to see more popular name-brand items on this list, such as Playstations, iPhones, and top selling laptops. The truth is, unless you’ve got thousands in spare cash lying around and you’re ready to go head-to-head with some of the top retailers on eBay, you should stay away from those items.

Remember that for each high-profile, top-selling item out there, you can make certain that there are many already, many other people offering it upon eBay. You see, that they had the same believed as everyone else-they immediately made a decision to sell the most famous, trendy products available.

As a result, the markets for almost all these products are oversaturated-there’s way too much competition for them on eBay already. And in most cases, the only sellers who can be successful at selling these things are large, high-quantity and well-established on eBay and also have lots of money to get usually.

These sellers can purchase products by the truckload, putting orders of $100,000+ at the right time. That means they are able to then sell their items for a fraction of how many other sellers can. Unless you fall into that category, you can’t compete on a single products just.

It doesn’t mean you should give up your plans to sell on eBay altogether. Just because many products are oversaturated doesn’t mean ALL the products on eBay are too competitive. Indeed, thousands of products and categories have plenty of room for new sellers. You just have to be more creative than all the others who jump on the trendy bandwagon and find themselves drowning in iPads they can’t sell.
Step-by-Step Guide on how best to Find the Greatest What to Sell on eBay
Step one 1: Eliminate Risky Items/Categories

The first thing to accomplish is make a summary of as many popular, trendy products as possible to allow them to be avoided by you prefer the plague. When you can only think of a few, visit “What’s Popular?” on eBay DataLabs and look at the list of the top sold items for the past week. Those will almost always be among the main products to avoid.

In addition to the popular eBay searches listed above, the following five categories (which more often than not correspond to the most famous searches/products) also needs to be avoided generally:

Computers & Networking
Cameras & Photography
Video Games (particularly gaming systems)

These categories are the best for sellers. eBay considers them high-risk, and new sellers operating in them tend to attract scammers.
Step 2 2: Start at Home

If you’ve only recently started selling on eBay, then before you make the leap into dropshipping or wholesaling, it’s worth investigating additional fantastic and underutilized resources of items: local, offline resources, such as garage/yard product sales, local classifieds, thrift shops as well as your own home.
Sell Items from your home

The best way to begin selling on eBay is slowly, selling items you already have at home with which you are willing to part. You might be surprised at what you can find in your home that others can’t wait to buy.
Yard Sales and Garage area Sales

Although a lot more of the global world is certainly going digital, all you need to accomplish is look in the newspaper classifieds or drive around town on the weekend to recognize just how many people still cling to old-fashioned product sales methods like yard product sales, and either have no idea how specifically to list their undesired items for sale online or feel uncomfortable doing so. If they only knew what they were missing…

Well, now you have an opportunity to take benefit of that situation and become the one who have REALLY makes a benefit from others’ undesired items. Naturally, most of the products you find at lawn sales aren’t worth offering online, but you would be surprised at just how many ARE, especially if you go about finding these products in a strategic way.

First of all, it goes without saying that you should get up early on the day of the yard sale and be among the first ones there; otherwise, all the good stuff will be gone.

Better even, look in your neighborhood newspaper classifieds to see who provides posted announcements of their upcoming yard product sales, call them beforehand and have if they’ll enable you to come to their house early and select your purchases. You can try offering them an additional 10% on each product you decide to buy to make it worthy of their while.
Thrift Stores

Similar to yard product sales, many thrift stores offer undesired items folks have donated. Although they possess higher prices than most lawn sales generally, the quality of the products is higher as well usually, since most thrift shops will only accept items that are in fairly good condition.

The secret with thrift stores is to ask one of the employees what day they put out their new acquisitions each week, if any, and show up right when the shop opens on that full time.
Classified Ads

The offline way to obtain products that’s generally least promising but nonetheless potentially viable is newspaper classifieds.

Exactly why is it usually minimal promising? Because depending on the newspaper’s target audience size, newspaper classifieds usually have a much larger audience and therefore potential customer pool than yard product sales (except those submitted in the classifieds) and thrift shops, which simply attract buyers within a comparatively small range normally.

Plus, because it usually costs money to create a classified ad, the seller is often more motivated to obtain a larger amount of money for a particular item than if they just sold it at their backyard sale, for instance. Even when an advertisement says “OBO” (“or greatest offer”), oftentimes owner has an amount at heart that is the least he’ll willingly acknowledge.

In any event, classified advertisements harbor some incredible deals still. And to make things actually easier, many newspapers instantly post their classifieds on their websites as well, so you don’t have to go out and buy or subscribe to the newspaper to access them.

You can also check out Facebook’s marketplace community feature to find items being sold in your area. You’ll find even more listings than you may discover in a newspaper generally, plus each listing must have photos and a primary contact link to owner.

The main element to taking greatest benefit of classified advertisements is to check on them frequently, preferably every day, and when you find a promising deal, jump on it right away and contact the seller.

Be prepared to drop everything to go get the item before someone else shows up. If the seller accepts your present over the telephone even, if someone else reaches their house first, they might sell it to them (a bird in the hand, so to speak).
Step 3 3: Acquire Data

If you’ve spent at least 1-3 months selling items from home and your local area and started to feel comfortable selling items on eBay, it might be time to begin looking into more stable, long-term product sources.

Depending on your position and financial assets, your best choices are likely dropshipping, liquidating or wholesaling items on eBay. The 1st method requires small to no upfront investment, inventory space, packing or shipping, but usually doesn’t yield as much profit as the latter two.

No matter which option you select, however, you’re pulled back again to the question, “What carry out I sell?”

Among the best locations to get concepts for products to market and immediately determine if they will make cash is the SaleHoo GENERAL MARKET TRENDS Laboratory. There you’ll find refreshing ideas for what to sell and may run them through specialized software that helps you accurately forecast how much money you will make.

In the SaleHoo Lab, you can search for top-selling products by product type, further refine your search by sell rate then, the common product price and the potential degree of competition even. From there, you’ll see a list of suppliers and can contact them easily instantly, all without ever departing the lab! Usage of the marketplace Research Lab is certainly free when you sign up for SaleHoo.
Step 4: Research, research, research!

The last but quite possibly most important step is thorough, accurate, methodical market research. Listing a product for sale on eBay without researching it first is similar to throwing it at the wall structure and wishing it sticks.
Completed Listings

Many brand-new sellers get so swept up in obtaining products and submitting listings that they forget their item won’t show up alone in the page. Instead, that will be only 1 in a long list of search results. Buyers can sort those results using filters like “Price + Shipping: lowest first,” and/or narrow them down according to numerous item specifics.

When customers review the long set of items in the serp’s, they concentrate on the price of the item more than about anything else just, accompanied by the shipping cost, the item’s gallery image and the keywords in the title in most cases. If you want to sell your item successfully, then your price and shipping cost need to be right in line with those of the other products on the list.

The easiest method to know very well what price or starting price to create, in addition to acceptable shipping costs, the very best category, listing item and format specifics to select and the best title keywords to use, is to research the product BEFORE listing it for sale thoroughly.

Don’t just consider the current listings for the merchandise, since those won’t give you an accurate picture of what purchasers are willing to pay. Those listings haven’t been purchased or won yet, and that means you have no idea whether they will sell nor for what price.

Instead, you should focus on the completed listings, the listings for that product which have already ended within the past 15 days. Select “Completed Listings” about halfway down the remaining column of the search results page and look at the price listed next to each item. The prices in black indicate that the item didn’t sell successfully, while the prices in green indicate that it did.

After taking note of the prices for which the item sold, click on the title of each listing with a green price and make note of any other aspect of the listing which you think might have contributed to its success. That way you may use some of those techniques yourself. Make sure you don’t copy anyone else’s images or description text word for word, though.
Market Research Tools

Although the completed listings will usually provide you with a decent idea of how well a product has been selling, as well as the price range buyers have been ready to shell out the dough, it’s simply scratching the top of what you need to know before listing something for sale.

Furthermore to reviewing the finished listings, you should use a good eBay market research tool also. Market research tool will let you know the same issues the completed listings will but analyze them to create more valuable data. It will give you the precise average selling sell-through/success and price rate of each product, along with the listing format, classes, day, keywords and time which have the greatest chance of selling the item successfully.
10 Essential Tips for Offering on eBay

Be a spy. Look at what top retailers are listing and stay away from those items. Then look at what your real rivals are doing and discover what’s doing work for them.
Look out for eBay’s Listing days and take benefit of them Free! Occasionally, eBay will announce a complete day time of zero insertion charges, but you’ll need to look out, simply because they’re promoted beforehand rarely. You’ll have the ability to post your items free of charge completely, but keep in mind you’ll be charged a sales charge still.
Use the right phrases. Be as descriptive simply because feasible in your eBay listing’s title and explanation to help your clients know specifically what they’re getting.
Research, research, research! Make use of seller tools to discover hard data about how well something is (or isn’t) offering, the average cost range and the very best format, keywords and time to make use of in your listing.
Make your items simple to find utilizing the best keywords and category placements when you list your products for sale.
Make use of quality photos. Your provider should have high-quality, professional photos you can use in your eBay listing.
Go (a)wide. Consider offering outside your house country to improve your sales potential. Make sure to check worldwide shipping costs and adapt your prices accordingly.
Screen your suppliers in order to avoid future issues with your orders.
Check outside resources to find the best items to sell. Journals and top present lists are excellent places to find hidden gems.
Brands aren’t everything. Selling high-ticket, name-brand items is a good idea-the only problem is that everyone else gets the same idea! In order to avoid heavy competition, seek out top-selling unbranded items.

If you’ve simply started offering on eBay, it’s vital that you avoid those “best trending” items and discover your own niche. In the event that you put in enough time and work to conduct market research to find the best items to sell, you’ll have a much better chance at creating a lasting, rewarding web business.


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